Who we are

We Provide Cutting Edge Software Solutions for the Global Healthcare Industry


Like our parent organization, we focus on quality of service, not profit margins. Our goal is utilize technology in order to help people live the best lives possible.


We are a dedicated team, spread across the world, focused on creating novel solutions to age old problems. Making things work is what we do best.


Imagine the world we could live in... That is what we do each day. Our dreams fuel reality. We strive to make things better through our efforts and actions.

What we do

We Offer Different Services To Improve Your Health

The Healthcare system, as we know it, is inherently flawed. Some parts are antiquated. Others are broken. Some just don't work as well as they could. We want to fix that...

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Next Generation Medical Solutions

We are driven, motivated and determined. It is time to disrupt the industry. To implement changes for the greater good.

Comprehensive Software Development

Our software is intended to be 100% complete. We strive for the best experience and the greatest utility

End-to-End Designs

Like the term implies, we look at all aspects of care in our design and development

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HealthCore, The Future of Healthcare Management

Welcome to HealthCore!

Our Projects

HealthCore Platform

U.S. Provisional Pat. Ser. No. 63/017007, filed 29 April 2020.

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HealthCore Chain

U.S. Provisional Pat. Ser. No. 63/033259, filed 2 June 2020 Download Whitepaper

Designed for the Healthcare Industry




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U.S. Provisional Pat. Ser. No. 63/059979, filed 1 August 2020 Download Whitepaper



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